Why do I matter?

40 Questions We’re Afraid to Ask

Why do I matter?

15 - Why do I matterThe question of why I matter is probably the most profound — and possibly the scariest — question I could ever ask myself. How I answer the question for myself pretty much defines everything I do and become in life. It defines how I relate to every other person with whom I come into contact. It defines my mental and emotional state, my self-esteem. It determines how I handle life’s challenges. It greatly influences how I handle life’s victories. It governs how I feel about myself physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually.

Yes, those who love me can give me words of encouragement at times when I’m feeling down as to why I matter to them. My boss, if I have one and happen to be fortunate to have one who is so inclined, may tell me why I matter to the company or organization.

But . . .

Do I really know how to answer this question for myself?

If not, what is my reason for getting up in the morning?  What is my reason for taking my next breath?  What is my reason for getting dressed and walking out the door into the world?  What is my reason for living?  Why do I matter?

No one can answer this question for me but myself.  No one.

I can just hear the King of Siam saying, “Is . . . a puzzlement!”

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