Where the Grass is Greener

where the grass is greenerWhere the Grass is Greener

I wonder why it always seems the grass is greener on the other side and who first uttered that now classic phrase that so characterizes a core human trait – the tendency to constantly dream of and seek those proverbial greener pastures.  The idea that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  

cow reaching through fenceAnyone who has ever stood at the edge of a pasture where cattle or horses are grazing has witnessed the origin of this phrase.  Even if the grass is perfectly good within the boundaries of the pasture or meadow, at least one or two of the beasts will be seen doing whatever necessary to stick their snout through the fence to get to the perceived rewards awaiting them on the other side.

I wonder if it’s just a part of who we are as living, breathing beings simply to never be quite fully satisfied with what we have.

We humans are most guilty of this, I’m sure; but one would be hard pressed, I think, to say we’re unique in this. Just open the front door of the house and watch your cat or dog take off running, unless, that is, they’ve been trained to understand the dire consequences if they do.  Could it be that migration habits are a sign of this in certain species?  Even humans migrated in earlier times.  Of course, we still tend to do so.  We just use different terminology these days, such as “exploration”, “relocation”, “vacation”, “holiday”.

Is it not the “grass is greener” syndrome that drives us to find a better job, seek new relationships, move to a warmer climate, buy a bigger house or fancier car, read gossip magazines, emulate celebrities?  Even many of the old Christian gospel songs talk about “crossing the Jordan” and how much better life will be “on the other side”.

Without this inborn desire to taste greener grass, would we as a human race have come as far as we have?

greener pasturesI’ve often heard it said the the grass is greener where you water it; but without this perpetual desire to seek greener pastures, would we have ever stood up on two feet?  Would we have invented the wheel?  Would we have figured out how to use fire?  Would explorers have ever crossed the oceans?  Would we have the drive to seek better futures for ourselves and our families?

Here’s to living a life of success, prosperity and abundance, and finding those greener pastures!  Who knows . . . perhaps you need only water the grass where you’re standing right now.

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