What’s the easiest way to waste my life?

40 Questions We’re Afraid to Ask — #38

What's the easiest way to waste my life?What’s the easiest way to waste my life?

In order to answer this question, do I not first need to define for myself what it means to waste my life?  In order to define that, do I not first need to know what the opposite of that would be?  Would the opposite of wasting my life be . . .

          • enjoying my life?
          • feeling fulfilled?
          • achieving all my goals?
          • making all the money I could possibly make?
          • carrying out my number one intention?
          • successfully raising  my children?

Once I’ve defined what the opposite of wasting my life is to me, do I not then have to decide if not doing any or all those things is my definition of wasting my life?  If that indeed is my definition, then I guess the next question would be, “What’s the easiest way for me not to do any of those things?”

sitting alone on beachWhat if my number one intent were to spend the rest of my life living in a grass shack on an otherwise uninhabited island and doing nothing but sit around watching the tide come in and out, and I genuinely felt like that is what would make me the happiest and feel the most fulfilled in life?  No matter what else I ended up doing, would not doing that be considered wasting my life?

Pretty difficult question to answer, isn’t it, but one well worth taking the time to ponder perhaps?  Maybe the other question would be “Am I wasting my life right now?”

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