True Success Means Fearlessness

Tiananmen SquareTrue Success Means Fearlessness

Remember this photo — and the corresponding video — of the young man in Tiananmen Square defying the deathly threat of being run over by a military tank. He believed so completely in himself and his cause, he cared so deeply about those he loved and the people of his country, that he simply set aside all concerns of pain, failure and even death and put on the ultimate display of fearlessness.

Every once in awhile you come across
something that simply says it all.

That now classic photo was one.  This morning I came across another video that I’m sure will likely end up on hundreds of other blog posts and thousands of Facebook pages (if it hasn’t already), but that’s okay. It is well worth sharing as much as humanly possible because in it’s brief nine minutes, it pretty much says everything there is to say about how true success in life, no matter your cause, your dreams and visions, your personal goals, the life you want for yourself or those around you, means fearlessness, focus and determination.

Here’s to a life of gratitude, success, independence, happiness and prosperity ~

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12 Responses to True Success Means Fearlessness

  1. Vipin Tomar says:

    I don’t know if I have that much courage. I’d like to think I would. Thanks for this post.

  2. Hi Steve. I couldn’t get the video to load. I’d love to have the link. The picture has always amazed me. I don’t know if I have that much courage. I’d like to think I would. Thanks for this post.

    All the best,

  3. Yes, we are only held back by ourselves. We can all have dreams and hopes but only action can make them happen.

    Enjoy the journey.


  4. Steve. This was so inspirational. A driving factor in my life right now. To be an inspiration to all I come in contact with. This was a great video driving that home. Thank you for inspiring me to continue what I do. 🙂

    • Steve says:

      You are very welcome, Barbara! I am thrilled that you enjoyed it! That means a lot to hear back things like this when I post something. Thank you!

  5. Theuns says:

    Hi Steve

    This is a GREAT post and every one with a dream needs to read this post.
    I downloaded the movie and will listen to it everyday now in the background when i work on my pc.


  6. Steve, that is a great motivational video! We do forget sometimes that we are the only ones who can truly stop ourselves. Thanks for the reminder!

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