Through the eyes of . . .

through the eyes ofThrough the eyes of . . .

I wonder what it would be like to experience the world through the eyes of a cat . . . or a dog . . . or an elephant . . . or an ape . . . or a bird . . . or a fly.  What would it look like?  How would it feel?  Would I see the same colors?  Would colors mean anything other than a source of food or of possible danger or a potential mate?  Would I have any perception of beauty . . . or ugliness . . . big or small . . . like or dislike?  

Experiencing the world through the eyes of one of these creatures, would I have any sense of time . . . of past or future?

Would I have any concern about where my next meal was coming from, or would I simply know where to go get it?  Would I have any sense of difficulty or ease about what different things might require to accomplish? Would I have any awareness of distance or how long it will take me to get somewhere?  through the eyes of a birdWould I have any concept of setting goals or envisioning an “ideal” future?  Would I have any sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with my current life?  Would I be hoping or planning for something better?

Would I experience such things
as love or hate?

As I experience the world in this way, how would I know what I’m attracted to or repulsed by?  Would I actually find anything repulsive?  If so, on what would that sense of repulsion be based?  Color?  Smell?  Overall appearance?  My gut feelings?  Would I HAVE feelings?  As I experience the world from the perspective of one of these creatures, would I experience emotions of any kind?  Would I know what it’s like to be happy, sad, confused, bored, content, angry, envious, frustrated, grateful, lonely, regretful, proud, sympathetic?

living in the nowWhat would it be like to be truly living in the now . . .

. . . simply knowing through pure instinct that whatever I need is out there and all I need to do is to go out and get it it with absolutely no concern as to whether or not I can?

I wonder what it would be like.

Here’s to living a life of peace, joy, prosperity and abundance through living in the now!

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