Am I striving to be somebody that I’m not?

40 Questions We’re Afraid to Ask – #26

Am I striving to be somebody that I'm not?Am I striving to be somebody that I’m not?

I’m almost tempted to not even write anything on this one.  Just let it sit out there and let you ponder it for a while.  But alas …

It’s probably a huge assumptive risk I’m taking here, especially since I have absolutely no statistics to back up my assumption . . . but I would venture to guess that if you answered “no” to that question, you’re either kidding yourself to the max or you’re in an extremely small minority.

Face it, beginning in our earliest years, we are given rules to follow, roles to play, expectations to meet.  We develop, through personal experience along with our family and societal environment, certain beliefs about ourselves, our world, the universe, and who, if anybody or anything, is in control of it all.

be yourselfA very fortunate few of us are taught and encouraged from an early age to think for ourselves and be ourselves.

The rest of us are taught what to think, how to act, what to believe.  We are pressured, either directly or indirectly, to become a certain kind of person following a particular type of career (specifically or within a general area),

We experience peer pressure from all angles and have to decide whether or not to give in to it or, more often than not, decide that it’s just easier to go along with the crowd rather than fight the system and become our own person, no matter the consequences.

Face it, we have to survive in the crazy world of ours. We have to pay bills. We have to interact with others at some level. We have a need to develop relationships.  What alternative is there?

Joseph CampbellJoseph Campbell was famous for saying, “follow your bliss”.

There is so much wisdom in that. It’s not always easy. In fact, it’s probably harder than you-know-what for most of us. But the ultimate rewards, if you can truly pull it off (and there are plenty of examples throughout history and in the world today of those who have) are beyond imagination.

Perhaps an even better question that may hit right on the money might be, “Am I striving to be somebody— or am I actually becoming that person — I DON’T want to be?”  Have I already become that person?  What will it take to turn that all around and become somebody I truly want to be? What do I fear that’s holding me back?

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