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What is Strategic Intervention?What is Strategic Intervention?

Strategic Intervention is a process for removing barriers to communication and to personal or interpersonal development.

On the personal level . . .

Strategic Intervention Coaching might be used to remove barriers that are keeping you from living the life you really want to live.

Perhaps you’re an athlete who just can’t seem to break that glass ceiling blocking you from performing at a higher level. Perhaps you have found yourself in the midst of a tragedy or some kind of crisis that has left you unable to move forward with your life. It may be that you simply feel “stuck” where you are in life and would like to take things to the next level.

According to Anthony Robbins, co-founder of the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, there are only so many problems we face as human beings, but there are many solutions.  All of these problems, or issues, fall within a mere one dozen categories:

      • stress / perfection / rules
      • overwhelm / depression / learned helplessness
      • control / confidence / insecurity
      • boredom / no compelling future / no sense of meaning
      • addiction
      • fear of loss
      • love / rejection / relationship
      • identity
      • sex /rape
      • death / disease
      • physical / emotional abuse
      • panic / anxiety / fear / phobia / survival

The goal of Strategic Intervention, in this regard, would be to identify the specific area in which you are having issues and design a plan to get “unstuck” and move forward.

On the interpersonal level . . .

interpersonal. . . the goal of Strategic Intervention would be to improve your relationships with others — family members, a romantic partner or significant other, co-workers, and so on.

Strategic Intervention coaching can also be . . .

and often is — used within organizations to improve overall performance by removing existing barriers to communication among team members or employees, or between employees and management, or possibly between staff and customers/clientele.

On an even broader level . . .

Strategic Intervention can be used as a tool for negotiation within the community or between opposing societies or nations.

The uses of Strategic Intervention are as varied as the situations that present themselves.

The goal of the Strategic Intervention Coach

strategic intervention goals. . . is to help break down those barriers, set your goals, and make a plan, helping you to create a solution through planning, strategy and action.

You may be looking to be a better parent or to make a greater CONTRIBUTION within your community.

You may be looking for a romantic relationship or more happiness in your marriage or family, or simply improve your relationships with others in general.

You may be looking for professional or financial success or for better health or more energy.

Some people want all of this.

meet your goalsThe objective of Strategic Intervention is
to help you accomplish your goals,
whatever they may be.


Could you use some help in getting over a little bump in the road, overcoming a current challenge, or maybe creating an entirely new vision for your life and setting up specific steps to get there?

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