Spiritual growth

I wonderI wonder what it really means to experience “spiritual growth”.

I mean . . . really . . . what does that mean?  Every culture around the world and throughout history has found ways to express knowledge of or relationship with a higher being or “a higher way” and the importance of spirituality or spiritual relationship or spiritual growth.

Some see that higher being (by one name or another) . . .

. . . as an external, all-powerful god sitting in judgment and/or dispensing blessings, favors, and even unconditional love (although most every religion, it seems, tends to develop any number of conditions under which their particular god extends these things).  Many peoples throughout history have worshiped multiple gods who, at times, even take on human qualities and emotions.  It becomes humanity’s job to do whatever necessary to appease these gods and remain in their favor or, at the very least, keep them at bay and avoid some sort of earthly or eternal punishment.

Others see a single spirit existing as an integral part of not only every human being, but every creature, blade of grass and grain of sand.  They say we are all “god” in one form or another, although the terminology may vary greatly.  We are all of “one life force” or “one spirit”, sharing in one ongoing co-creative process.

Others do not acknowledge anything outside or beyond their physical selves.  In their eyes, we come into this world strictly as physical beings, and once we leave this life, we simply no longer exist.

ancient godsI wonder when man first sensed or developed a concept of a higher being or spiritual world beyond the physical.

The concept is certainly found within essentially every culture around the globe and as far back and any type of recorded history.  Even before the development of written language, such ideas were apparently passed from one generation to another through oral tradition.

So….I am left wondering what it is that causes humanity as a whole to continually seek some kind of reality beyond the five senses, while there are those who either refuse to acknowledge such a possibility or simply don’t seem to have an interest.

The other question becomes . . .

What does spiritual growth have to do with our daily lives and how we function in this world?

I’m sure each of us has our own answers to these questions, or at least partial answers to some of them.  I certainly do.  But ninety percent of me, I believe, continues to simply wonder.

I wonder if that’s really what keeps us going.







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2 Responses to Spiritual growth

  1. Julian says:

    Clever post…and a good thought-provoking question (although I believe the answer may come beyond thought, ironically;-)
    It’s fair to say that each to their own (of course). But in my opinion, without a higher self of some sort, life would make no sense, especially with the universe being billions of years old.

    I think it’s safe to say, that to believe in a higher consciousness, of some sort, not only seems comforting during the dark times, but is also fairly spiritually accurate.

    Of course, just my opinion, ;-). thanks for posting

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