Speaking as a friend

40 Questions We’re Afraid to Ask – #4

If I had a friend . . .Speaking as a friend

Ask yourself, “If I had a friend who spoke to me the way I often speak to myself, how long would I keep them as a friend?” Thinking about this question, I’m reminded of a quote credited to Jesus of Nazareth in several places throughout the New Testament . . . “love your neighbor as you love yourself”.  Sextus the Pythagorean (ancient Greece) said, “What you do not want to happen to you, do not do it to yourself either.”  Buddha said, “Do not hurt others in ways that would be hurtful to yourself.” In some ways, both of these are saying the same thing. If you don’t love and respect yourself, it’s impossible to truly love and respect others. Jesus also said we should love our enemies. Well, is it not true that we are often our own worst enemy?  I might turn around what the Buddha said and also advise “do not hurt yourself in ways that would be hurtful to others.”  All this applies to self-talk, as well. If you had a friend who constantly talked negatively about you and to you, how long would you keep them around as a friend? How do you talk to you and about you on a daily basis? Perhaps it’s time to be your own friend whom you’d like to keep around. Something to think about.

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2 Responses to Speaking as a friend

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Steve,

    I finally made it by to check out this post and I agree. Actually, I would love to have a friend like me because I love and respect myself and my friends too. I’m honest and forthright with them but I always tell them that this is just my opinion and not God’s word. I never claim to know it all but I am very opinionated. I also will listen to other opinions too and I’ve changed mine a time or two.

    Great share my friend and hope you’re having an amazing week.


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