When did I not speak up?

40 Questions We’re Afraid to Ask – #27

When did I not speak up when I should have?When did I not speak up when I should have?

I’m sure very few of us would have to think very hard to remember a time when we didn’t speak up when we should have.

Was it in school when I saw a kid bullying another kid?

Was it at work when my boss or a fellow employee ridiculed another fellow employee . . . or me?

Was it when I saw that post on Facebook concerning an issue about which I have a pretty strong opinion?

Was it the other night when I was out with friends and one of them made a racial slur or derogatory comment about someone?

Was it at that last board meeting?

Was it when my spouse or partner said or did something that I didn’t like or agree with?

Was it when my best friend said or did something that I didn’t like or agree with?

Was it in a situation of domestic abuse or violence?

Why didn’t I speak up?

When this happens — and it has happened to all of us at one time or another — we have to ask ourselves why we didn’t speak up.

Was it out of fear of being ridiculed ourselves, of losing face, of losing my job or position

Was it because I didn’t think anybody would listen?

Did I think my speaking up wouldn’t do any good anyway?

Was I afraid of making somebody mad?

Was it out of fear of personal safety?

What was the result of deciding not to speak up?

regretDid I feel guilty later?

Did I lose face anyway?

Did I lose my friendship with the person who was the victim of undeserved ridicule, criticism or abuse?

Do I still regret not say anything and am letting it eat at me?

Were decisions made against my will?

Ask yourself . . .

Author and personal development expert Carol Tuttle says there are two things we need to consider in such situations:

Am I being true to myself?

What will support my personal happiness?

I love this video, in which Carol discusses this very issue with her daughter Anne.

So . . . when was the last time you didn’t speak up when you should have?

What will you do next time?

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