Is what I want truly out of reach?

40 Questions We’re Afraid to Ask – #8

Is what I desire truly out of reach, or am I just not stretchingIs what I want truly out of reach, or am I just not stretching?

Face it . . . we live in a world of desire.  Like it or not, that is the reality of life as we know it. Desire, itself, is certainly not a bad thing.  Without desire we would not grow and achieve. If I had no desire for food, I would starve to death.  If I had no desire for shelter, I would freeze in the winter. If I had no desire to learn, I would live my life as a perpetual infant. If I had no desire for relationships with others, I would go to the grave a very lonely man, and my growth as an individual would be extremely limited in the process.  If I had no desire, I would never get out of bed in the morning.  In fact, I’d probably not even have a bed.  I’d probably be sleeping on the ground somewhere and doing nothing but lying around all day until I starved for froze to death.

So desire is actually a good thing.  It becomes a question a what I desire and what positive, productive, expanding purpose it serves, or promises to serve, in my life.

Throughout the eons of human history,
we have proven that, as a species,
anything is possible.

Anything is possibleOnly our limiting beliefs keep those possibilities out of reach.  Just a few centuries ago, the universal  belief was that if you ventured too far out into the ocean, you would fall off the edge into an infinite abyss.  Just over a century ago, people were still getting around via horse and buggy and if you thought man could fly, you were a serious candidate for the loony farm. No more than a couple of decades ago, the idea of walking around with a telephone in your pocket or purse was little more than science fiction to the average person.

What changed our reality?  It was nothing more than a single individual being willing to accept the belief that what they desired was out of reach or that they were limited by current circumstances.  They were willing to stretch — physically, intellectually and emotionally.  Hugh Herr is a perfect example.

Taking Steps

Sometime ago I published a series on “5 Steps to Prosperity and Abundance”, the five steps being gratitude, vision, feeling, allowing and action.  The key to the final step, I truly believe, is what I call “inspired action”.  If we are not inspired by our desire, if that desire comes from some outside influence rather than from deep within us, we will find ourselves struggling to achieve it.  But if that desire is one that is truly inspired — meaning it is a desire that come from deep within — and we act on that inspiration, then nothing can stop us from stepping outside our comfort zone and stretching as far as we possibly can.

What is your desire?

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