What I would want for my Child

40 Questions We’re Afraid to Ask – #21

Would I rather my child be . . .Would I rather my child be less attractive and extremely intelligent or extremely attractive and less intelligent?

I’m not sure I can tell you what my answer to this would be for my child, because I’ve never had the privilege or the responsibility of having one.  Actually, however, I’m not sure that having a child of one’s own would be prerequisite, as the answer to this says much more about myself than about any children I might have.  It’s a simple matter of priorities.  Do I think physical attractiveness is or intellectual prowess is more important?

Of course, there are viable alternatives here . . .

  • Would it be extremely important to me that my child be both?
  • Does neither choice really matter to me at all, as long as my child is healthy, loving, well-behaved?
  • If my child were deformed in some way or burdened with health issues, would my feelings for him or her be any different?

Perhaps any answer we might give to such a question reflects our view of the world in general.

  • Who do we tend to choose as friends — those who are particularly attractive or intelligent?
  • How do we tend to look at or perceive others who may not be as attractive or intelligent as ourselves. or those who are more so?

An extremely valuable and insightful question to ponder, to be sure.

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