Missing the Train

missing the trainMissing the Train

Have you ever found yourself in the position of missing the train?  You got to the station just a minute too late and were forced to stand there and watch the train pull away from the station without you.  Do you feel like you’re perpetually making wrong choices?  Is your life story one of one missed opportunity after another?  

My RMT colleague Donna Cruickshank addressed this topic in a comment on our community Facebook group page regarding the client of another colleague’s client who seems to have no real aim in life and likes to use this very metaphor of “missing the train”.  She responded by posting a series of questions, which I think are incredibly valuable for any of us to ponder when we find ourselves in similar situations or emotional states.  I’ve taken the liberty of very slightly rewording her text to make the questions self-directed and sharing them as follows:

      • What were you doing that was so important that you missed that train or opportunity?
      • Where was it going?
      • What were you going to do when you got there?
      • Who were you meeting there?
      • Who was supposed to be on the train with you?
      • Was it a business trip . . . or was it personal?
      • What would the feeling be when you arrived at your destination?
      • If you had caught the train, where would you be now, and what would you be doing?
      • questionsWould you have made more money more quickly, or would you have been in a different financial situation?
      • If the next train or opportunity were there right now, how would you make sure you don’t miss it this time?
      • What would it look like from your seat on the train and who would you talk to along the track to wherever you would be going?
      • What/who would you leave behind if you were to catch the next one?
      • Could you come back for it/them?
      • Would you want to?
      • Now that you know there is always another train or another, possibly even better, opportunity, is it possible that you were meant to miss the original one in order that you now have the money to do what you may not have been able to do had you caught the first one?
      • Is it possible that the person you were going to meet also missed the train but will now be on this next one?

Here’s to catching the right train next time around!

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2 Responses to Missing the Train

  1. Kelly Donnelly says:

    Wise words. It takes strength of character to know you are on the wrong train and to make the decision to get off at the next whistle stop. Way to go Donna.

    • Donna Cruickshank says:

      That’s another perspective to the ones that Steve and I were discussing, Kelly Donnelly. So true that even if we catch what we think is the right train at the time, getting off may be a choice we have to make or may not know we can make.

      I just love this train metaphor! Makes me remember that life is not just one day after the other, but a journey to be experienced in many ways!
      Can’t you just hear the whistle blowing Steve?!!! xx Donna

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