Am I Truly Living or Merely Existing?

40 Questions We’re Afraid to Ask – #5

Am I truly living or merely existing?Am I Truly Living or Merely Existing?

The question of living versus existing is one that has been asked many, many times and one I believe we should probably ask ourselves on a regular basis — even daily.
In fact, I looked up this query on the internet and was fascinated by the various answers that people presented in blogs, surveys, and so on.  Here is just a brief sampling:

When you exist you sit by and let things happen. When you really truly live, you make your own choices to do things that make you happier than you have ever been. You do things that make you want to live more and do more things. Things that create the best memories.

By living your life has meaning. By existing, you’re just here.

Existing is allowing happiness to pass you by. Living is taking hold of that happiness and riding it out to the end.

Living is experiencing. Existing is watching life from the back seat.

Existing is living without purpose. Living is existing purposefully.

When one is living, they are experiencing life. Really participating and being actively present in the moments life offers us, making the most out of every opportunity, stepping out of our comfort zones, doing things to challenge ourselves, actively pursuing our passions and interests, just to name a few. Existing is just that, existing. It is dredging through life. It is feeling uninspired. It is lack of vigor and interest in the world around you. The lack of participation and the lack of the want to participate. The lack of passion toward and for opportunities and challenges that life may present to you. You just exist without actually living.

How would you answer this question, and which applies to you?  Are you truly living, or are you merely existing?  What, to you, is the difference between merely existing and truly living? I’d love to see some of your responses, so leave your comments below.

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