Am I living a balanced life?

40 Questions We’re Afraid to Ask – #37

Am I living a balanced life?Am I living a balanced life?

The subject of a balanced life was not what I had originally planned for today. The question I had on my list to discuss was “What is the little voice inside me telling me today?”   Why the switch to exploring the idea of a balanced life? Well, the though occurred to me that if we truly take time to listen to that little voice that is talking to us from our inner being but that we tend to ignore for the most part, we will find our balance.  This may sound simplistic, but is that not true?  Does that “I AM” part of not know exactly what we need, what we need to be doing, when we need to be doing it, when we need to stop doing it, when we need to do something different, what foods we need to be taking in and when to be doing so, how much and what kind of exercise we need, how much effort we need to be putting into our relationships, when we need to stop and take a few breaths, and so on and so on? If take time to look, you’ll find article after article on “10 Ways to create Balance in Your Life” or “7 Steps to a Balanced Life” or “How to Find Balance in Living” or whatever.  But I believe it comes down to a simple listening to our own body, our own all-knowing self.

A balanced life means something different to each of us.

One size does not fit allThere is no magic formula, no one-size-fits-all.  We are all different.  Each of us has our own goals, our own life style, our own particular needs, etc. So for me to sit here and make a list of things you need to do in order to create a balanced life or how to create a sense of balance in your particular life would be somewhat pretentious. That said, I did come across one article that I really liked and that I felt addressed this issue in a somewhat generic, one-size-fits-all approach that I think can work for anyone. In this article, entitled “How to Create a Balanced Life: 9 Tips to Feel Calm and Grounded” the author and I are in complete agreement that “what works for some people does not necessarily work for others; and that one person’s idea of balance may not constitute anything remotely balanced from another person’s perspective.”  I even realized that we had even featured the same image at the top of our posts.  This guy can’t be ALL bad! 🙂 In the article, he addresses “the various elements of life that can require balancing and offer some suggestions to find the mix that works best for you.”  These, I believe, do fit all of us in one way or another, and so I think what he has shared can serve as an excellent starting point.

Listen to that still small voiceListen to that still small voice.

With all that in mind, however, I still say, the best place to start, and the best thing to keep tabs on is simply taking time to listen to that still small voice.  Always.

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