listen . . . silent . . . the same thing

LISTEN-SILENT-Have you ever noticed they're the same letters?listen . . . silent . . . the same thing

It has been awhile since I’ve posted on this blog. All for good reason. The time has well been spent, completing a certification course I’ve been working on since last June, as well as spending time just listening.

Do you ever do that . . . just . . . listen?  

It doesn’t really matter to what.  Just listen.

Have you ever thought about the fact that the two words “listen” and “silent” are composed of exactly the same letters, just rearranged? There is a lot of wisdom in that tiny bit of trivia.

Anyone who practices meditation knows that one begins by simply listening to one’s breath.  Nothing else . . . just your breath. If one wants to bring even more focus to their meditation, they may pick one additional sound in addition to the breath . . . the white noise of nearby traffic, a bird singing, a wind chime, the waves.

When you do that, it’s amazing how the rest of the world begins to disappear, or at the very least, it takes on less meaning in the moment.

Listening requires being silent.

It means you don’t clog the moment with your own thoughts, your own speech. You just remain silent.

The answer is always there . . .It is said that the answers to any problems or challenges we may be facing are always right there.  We simply don’t ask the right questions . . . and then take time to listen for the answer, which is often in “that still, small voice” inside us. Rather than asking, “Why is this happening to me?” ask “What can I learn from this?” or “What can I do with this?’

When in conversation with another person, do you listen in order to really hear what the other person is saying or trying to convey, or are you too busy thinking of what you want to say next? They say the best way to listen to the other person and truly let them know you are listening is to simply focus on their face and continually draw a visual triangle from one eye to the other, down to their mouth, then back to the first eye, and so on.  Try it sometime. You’ll be amazed . . . and they’ll be pleased without really knowing exactly why.

In my coaching practice, I have found that one of the most valuable things I can do is to simply ask the person a few questions and then simply listen. The answer to whatever it is they are dealing with, trying to overcome, trying to accomplish, eventually comes. If they don’t realize it themselves when it happens, I just simply help them to do so and then go from there.

Do yourself a favor right now.

listenStop whatever it is you’re doing and just sit and listen for one minute to whatever is going on around you.

Time yourself for 60 seconds. No more. No less.

Even if you are in what seems to be a completely quiet room, you will discover there is something to hear. If you are in a place where there is all sorts of noise, maybe even noise that you find somewhat irritating. That’s okay. Listen . . . just listen for a moment. Don’t make any judgments about what you’re hearing. Just be silent and listen.

It can be a wonderfully amazing and rewarding experience.

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