Life is too short to tolerate _____________

Questions We’re Afraid to Ask – #12

Life is too short to tolerate . . . Life is too short to tolerate _________.

How would you fill in the blank?

If you had only one choice to make, how would you fill in the blank?

If you knew today were the last day of your life,
how would you fill in the blank?  

poverty?      incompetence?      violence?      war?      intolerance?      violence?
government regulation?      greed?      too much tolerance?      despair?
lack of hope?      my job?      the relationship I’m in?      poor health?
my long commute?      disorderliness?      our current education system?      negativity?
people who ask too many questions?      having too much stuff?      addiction?
not having enough stuff?     financial problems?      superficiality?      not having fun in life? ignorance?     lack of communication?      physical abuse?      emotional abuse?      dishonesty?
disrespect?      inaction?      fear of change?      too much change?      peer pressure? stubbornness?     undue excess?      bad eating habits?      wastefulness?      too much routine? lack of caring? stress?      trying to keep up with the Joneses?      bad habits?
my ongoing need for perfection?      being overweight?      people who bring me down?
people who don’t agree with me?      all work and no play?      Madison Avenue?
a unrewarding life?     other people’s opinions of me?      obstacles?      personal debt?
people who think I have to be just like them?      people who aren’t just like me?
being burned out?     thinking that perfect exists?      conditional love?
not experiencing spiritual awareness?      drama?      backstabbers?      lack of loyalty?
brown nosers?      complacency?     excuses?      selling myself short?
politicians?      energy draining people and relationships?      fear?      intolerance?

How would you fill in the blank?

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