When to let go

Questions We’re Afraid to Ask – #14

How do I know when to let go?How do I know when to continue and when to let go?

With this question we really begin to bring together some of our previous questions,
because if you’ve come up with answers to any or all of them, it may make coming to some conclusions about this one a bit easier.  

We asked if today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you’re doing today.  Well if you knew today were the last day of your life, I would guess that you might be willing and ready to let go of a lot of things you’ve been holding onto much of your life.  In the end, we have to let go of all of it anyway, so we can begin to think about what the priorities really are in our life.

Next, we asked about our worries about the future.  Well, I guess if today were the last day of your life or mine, neither of us would be overly concerned about our future, at least here on earth, so again, we might see that it’s okay to let go of a few of those concerns and just enjoy the time we have left.

Then we talked a bit about what we might be holding onto that we need to let go of.  Well it’s one thing to recognize something we’re holding onto that perhaps we shouldn’t.  It’s another to decide we’re ready to let go.  As I said in another previous article, it often comes down to a sense of fear about what may happen if we do.

I think the answer to deciding when to let go lies in deciding that something no longer serves our driving needs, whether it be our need for certainty, uncertainty/variety, significance, love and connection, growth or contribution.  We may need a little help discovering what those needs are and how they operate in our life, but it can be an incredibly valuable and rewarding journey.  Once we truly realize that whatever it is that we’re holding onto is no longer serving us and we’re ready to move forward, that’s when we’ll say, “It’s time!”

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