Every Day is a Good Day

A friend on Facebook posted the following quote this morning:

Not every day is good.
Live anyway.
Not everyone will tell you the truth.
Be honest anyway.
Not all you love will love you back.
Love anyway.
Not all deals are fair.
Play fair anyway.

~ Tony Cain

Let’s talk about that first line, could we?  Is that really true . . . not every day is good?

Even if you’re not “having a good day”, isn’t somebody somewhere, having one?
Isn’t somebody somewhere, falling in love today?
Isn’t somebody somewhere getting joy from offering a helping hand to someone?
Isn’t somebody somewhere getting praise from a co-worker?
Isn’t somebody somewhere breaking their own personal record by running an extra mile?
Isn’t somebody somewhere out picking daisies and enjoying nature to its fullest?
Isn’t some child somewhere climbing their favorite tree for the first time and seeing their world from a different viewpoint?

The same sun is shining on each and every one of us again today.  It doesn’t see today any differently than it did yesterday.  In fact, from the sun’s point of view, there is no yesterday or today or tomorrow.  It’s just a continuum of life.  No day is better or worse than the day before or the day to come.  What changes here on Earth for us mortals are the circumstances and how we approach them and how we allow those circumstances to affect us.

Go out and MAKE it a good day!






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