What have I gained from my current job?

Questions We’re Afraid to Ask – #23

Other than money, what have I gained from my current job?Other than money, what else have I gained from my current job?

If you’re like most people in the world, you don’t particularly like going to work.  According to a Gallup poll released this past October and based on surveys of 25 million employees in 189 different countries, only 13% of employees worldwide are “‘engaged’ in their jobs, or emotionally invested in their work and focused on helping their organizations improve.”  

That being the case, then there are an awful lot of unhappy people in this world spending most of their time doing stuff in their current job that they really don’t want to be doing while gaining nothing; which takes us back to two questions I asked in this series, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m doing today?” and “Am I truly living or merely existing?

If the only thing I’m getting out of what I spend most of my week doing is money, then chances are pretty good that I should be doing some serious soul searching.

You may say, “Yeah, but I make pretty good money and it gives me a chance to spend time with the family out on my boat on the weekend.”

weekend on the boatI say, “Yeah, but are a few hours on the boat (which you also have to spend time maintaining) really worth the frustrations of spending the rest of your time doing something that leaves you feeling unrewarded and frustrated?  For most people, those few hours of relaxation on the weekend, as enjoyable as they may be on the surface, in reality probably do little more than relieve some of the stress built up at work.  If that’s the case, then are you really doing much more than merely existing?

The very fact that statistically most people are unhappy in their current job, and the majority of those are barely getting by financially explains a lot about some of the things that are going on in our world today.

My sincere hope is that you are one in the minority of those who not only love what you do but profit well financially at the same time.  That’s a rarity.  Even if you are not doing as well financially as you’d like, but you love what you do, then you are still far ahead of most people in this world.  Be grateful and make it a point to say to yourself every single day, “I am blessed!”

Finding your passion

The Passion TestThere is a wonderful book I came across some time ago called The Passion Test.  It centers around a relatively simple but effective exercise developed some years back by Janet Bray Attwood that helps people discover their true passions in life.  I highly recommend it.  You may come to some realizations about yourself that could turn out to be extremely valuable.  I’m a firm believer in following one’s passion in life.  I truly feel like that is why we’re here on earth and what makes life worth living.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll take just a few moments to stop, close your eyes, take two or three deep breaths, and ask yourself, “Other than money, what else have I gained from my current job?”  If your answer is “absolutely nothing”, perhaps we need to talk.

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