Acknowledging the Abundance of the Universe

Acknowledging the abundance of the universeAcknowledging the Abundance of the Universe

I’ve posted at least two articles on the importance of gratitude in our lives and how a sense or attitude of gratitude is the beginning of everything, including prosperity and abundance in our lives.  Here I’d like to continue that theme with the words of Deepak Chopra from his latest 21-day meditation series on Desire and Destiny, in which he so eloquently brings our attention to the vital importance of moving away from a life of competition and separation to acknowledging the abundance of the Universe and the fact that we are surrounded by abundance.  

The following is taken directly from Day 4 of this wonderful meditation series.

In Trina Paulus’ book “Hope for the Flowers“, two caterpillars get caught up in the long-held fallacy of competition and struggle to reach the top of a caterpillar pile. By their journey’s end, however, they learn that their true nature, and that of every other caterpillar, is not one of winning and being at the top, but going within and emerging as beautiful butterflies who were born to soar.

competitionLike the caterpillars in that tale, very early on in our lives, we may receive messages that we must compete in order to succeed. Whether we engage in sports, take tests in school, seek a partner, look for a job, or campaign for public office, their seemingly must always emerge winners and losers — those who stand out above the rest and those who are left behind. Each of these scenarios gives us a sense that there is deep lack in the world, with only so much glory, love, money and other resources to go around.

This perspective can create such an urgency to be seen to be the best and to finish first that we may adopt a willingness to do whatever it takes to win or be right, even if it’s out of alignment with our values and our heart’s truth. We may begin to see the success of others as a threat, as if there’s just not enough room for everyone to win. This response creates separation, which pulls us away from the natural flow of the universe.

The truth is abundance exists all around us in nature, in our local grocery stores, in the deep love of our friends and families — everywhere in the Universe.

going withinIn going within and connecting with the true self, we find it easier to understand this and appreciate what we already have. As we pay attention to what is, we begin to align with the true abundance that is always present in our lives. From this place of gratitude, we invite our egos to step aside, and we feel a greater kinship with everyone and everything around us. Releasing the thoughts of scarcity and lack, we no longer exist in competition with our fellow human beings. We experience a new way of being, choosing to see the world as an abundant place with room enough for all to express their unique talents and succeed. Here we step into and express unity, peace, and infinite abundance.

As you begin your day, and as you go throughout your day, simply take a moment to think this simple centering thought —

Abundance surrounds me.

Repeat this thought several times in your mind or even say it out loud to


abundanceDo this even before getting out of bed in the morning, as you’re taking your shower and getting ready to head to work, as your stuck in traffic, as you’re balancing your checkbook and paying bills, as you’re sitting in a boring meeting, as you wander the shopping mall or the grocery store aisles, as you’re cleaning house or preparing dinner, as you settle in for the night.

If you make gratitude and the acknowledgement of limitless universal abundance, you will begin to see subtle changes in your daily life that will lead to a greater sense of peace, satisfaction, contentment and abundance.

Here’s to living a life of gratitude!

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