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A natural people person who also has been involved in a variety of fields, including religious and not-for-profit, retail, real estate, marketing, and small business consulting, it’s a true blessing to now combine my love for people to do things I truly love doing and helping others through personal coaching.

A 3rd generation Florida native, I grew up in Tampa where I remained through my college years at the University of South Florida before moving to the desert Southwest, site-unseen, to do some graduate level studies in musical theater at Arizona State University.

At home in Burke VA

Quickly falling in love with the desert, I decided I would never move back east. Well . . . never say never! After 10 years in Arizona and southern New Mexico, life led me to further graduate work in northeast Tennessee, and finally to a position in the Washington, DC metro area — an area which I, once again, fell in love with and thought I’d never leave. Yeah . . . right . . . once again . . . !

Long story short . . . much of my early adult years were spent as a program director (primarily music and youth) in various churches and traveling as a singer/musician. In Washington I made a career move into association management, working for two national trade associations for the next several years until life decided to pull me in a totally different direction once again.

Steve's childhood home in Tampa

In 2002, my father passed on, leading me to go full-circle and relocate back to Tampa to help my one remaining parent stay in the family home as long as possible.

Gasparilla 2006Getting settled back in Tampa, I found myself getting actively involved in my neighborhood association, a local Rotary club and the local Chamber of Commerce, and ended up serving on the boards of each respective organization.  I even spent some time as a pirate!  Don’t worry . . . it was play acting as part of our annual Gasparilla Pirate Fest – a truly unique event here in Tampa!

I also decided to fulfill a dream I had had for several years and get my real estate license, and spent the next four years as a Realtor with what I sincerely believe is one of the finest real estate companies around, Keller Williams.  As we all know, however, the market turned pretty drastically starting in 2007, and I decided there were other ventures that would probably be more worth my time.

Do What You Love What You DoHaving returned to Tampa and enjoying the freedom that the real estate business afforded for the time I was involved, I made the conscious decision that I would never work full-time FOR anyone again.  The challenge of working for oneself can almost be overwhelming at times, but well worth it.

Over the years, I have been involved in various aspects of network marketing, which I have always found to be a fascinating business model and one from which I have learned much.  I have also provided graphic and web design services for small companies, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs locally and abroad.  These experiences have served as a vehicle for cultivating incredibly valuable and rewarding personal and professional relationships with some wonderful individuals around the globe.

One very serendipitous connection led to becoming intimately involved in The Bridge to Success project, the goal of which is to teach and promote classic principles of success and abundance in fun new ways such as board games, apps, and so on.  It has been a fascinating and rewarding challenge so far, and the potential for making a difference in people’s lives with this unique project is enormous as we look forward to the Universe bringing exactly the right people and circumstances together to take the project to complete development.

Taking things to the next level . . .

Passion for Life Coaching

Bringing together a wealth of life experience and formal study, I am thrilled at the opportunity to move into a whole new and incredibly exciting chapter in life as a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach.  It is a work that strikes at the very core of my being, working with people to help them discover and overcome emotional patterns that are keeping them from moving forward in life, and touching the lives of those around me in deep and profound ways.

One of the great lessons I’ve learned is that it’s not what you do in life but rather how you approach whatever you do.  Life is about possibility, enjoying the now, and looking to the thrill of the future and all it has to offer.  My hope is that my blog, this site and the relationships you and I build through personal coaching will inspire, motivate and give you the tools to do exactly that.  I look forward to being challenged, motivated and inspired by you, as well.

Here’s to living a life of passion, prosperity and true fulfillment ~

Steve Vernon photo

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