5 Steps to Prosperity and Abundance | # 5: Action

Take Action5 Steps to Prosperity and Abundance
# 5: Take Action

The final step toward prosperity and abundance is taking action.  But not just any action.  This is about much more than just keeping yourself busy and doing things because you think they need to get done or because you think they’ll get you that much closer to your goal.  So far we’ve talked about expressing gratitude, creating a vision for your ideal future, feeling what it will be like to live that vision, and the vital importance of allowing it to happen; but without taking action the first four steps are, as they say, all for naught.

I just looked back at my calendar and realized I started what was supposed to be a five-part series that would be written over a five-day period over three weeks ago.  Part of me wants to get after myself and say, “Steve, why are you procrastinating again?!”  However, I realized that I simply had other things that needed to get done, my mental energies were elsewhere, and I really did not have the inspiration what for what I felt would be the best content for this final article in the series.  Which brings me to the major point of this post.

Hard work vs inspired actionInspired Action is Key

I came across an article by Melody Fletcher on “Action Versus Inspired Action” that says nearly verbatim exactly what I had planned on conveying in this final post.  Since I’m one who believes in not reinventing the wheel, I would like to repost her excellent article right here.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that if we focus on something enough, if we give it enough energy to bring it into the physical and then line up with that vibration, we can receive whatever it is we want. Sometimes, the Universe will just drop whatever it is we’re looking for right in our lap.  A family member will just give you their car, for example.  Sometimes, we’re inspired to take some kind of action, like walking into a store we’ve never been into and never even noticed, where we just happen to meet the love of our lives.  And sometimes we just have to wait patiently for the Universe to do its job.  So, how do we know when to take action?  And what does “inspired action” feel like, anyway?

There’s a huge difference between taking action in order to make something happen and taking inspired action, which is moving with the energy in motion.  The key is to recognize when you’re trying to make things happen, instead of allowing the manifestations to appear.

When you take inspired action, you:

  • Get an impulse and idea to do something, which usually comes to you naturally, easily and often at an unexpected moment.
  • The action steps just make sense. You don’t have to justify them, they just feel right.
  • Feel energized by the action – it doesn’t seem like “work”. You’re enjoying the process.
  • Make a lot of progress very quickly and with little effort – you get a lot of bang for your buck.
  • Are allowing things to happen naturally.  Your action is just one piece of the puzzle.
  • Are allowing the Universe to orchestrate events.  You don’t have to control everything.

Uninspired actionWhen you take “uninspired” action, you:

  • Spend a lot of time trying to figure out what actions to take.  You make lists and research all the options to justify which ones are the best.
  • Feel frustrated and overwhelmed.  There’s just so much to do!
  • Feel tired and depleted.  It really feels like “work”.  You don’t want to do it, but you feel that you have to.
  • Are continuously stopped by roadblocks.  Things just don’t seem to be moving ahead. Something is always getting in the way.
  • Feel like you have to do it all.  You have to make it happen.

Bottom line: Inspired action feels good. It feels like playing.  You’re enjoying yourself.  You’re leveraging Universal energy, so you get a lot more done in much less time.  Things just line up for you, it’s easy, almost effortless.

Action taken from a place of impatience, from a place of fear (it won’t happen fast enough, there’s something I should be doing) is frustrating.  It’s like trying to push a heavy boulder up a large hill.  It’s no fun, you make little progress and it’s really, really hard.

The Universe has the power to line up all the perfect components in order to easily bring you what you desire.  You may be one of those components (hence, the inspired action). But you don’t have to control the whole process.  You don’t have the resources, the knowledge or the tools that the Universe has.  Why would you try to do its job?

Let’s say that you order a new designer dress or suit.  Do you then go out and buy a book on how to sew, some fabric and a sewing machine, and try to make your own designer clothes? Or do you let the people who’ve been doing this for over a hundred years and have a whole factory dedicated to doing nothing else take care of it?

If you’re frustrated and feel like you’re spinning your wheels, you’re trying to do the Universe’s job.  Stop it.  Take a step back, relax, remember that it’s not your job to make it all happen, and focus on what it is that you truly want.  Remember that life is supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to feel good.  Manifesting your reality shouldn’t be a struggle.  Just line up with the energy and allow it to happen.  If the Universe needs you to do something, it’ll let you know.

Don’t stop there!

Don't just sit there . . .I would add that when the Universe does let you know, be sure you’re ready to step up to the plate and do what you’ve been inspired to do.  This does not mean that you can just sit around and say, “Hey, that was a nice bit of inspiration.  Thanks!” and then wait for things to just happen.  You do have to take an active role in all this, but a role that is led by inspiration and purpose.  When you do, you will find life becomes much more relaxed and fulfilling, and you reach your goals and find your vision for life manifesting with a much greater sense of true satisfaction.

Here’s to living a life of prosperity and abundance through inspired action!

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6 Responses to 5 Steps to Prosperity and Abundance | # 5: Action

  1. I can appreciate what you say about inspired action and do often feel like I am taking it. There are however tasks that need to be done which are part of taking action and unavoidable that I find tedious and sometimes frustrating.

    • Steve Vernon says:

      I think we all find ourselves in that situation at times, Susan. I’m learning, however, that if we are truly connected with where it is we’re supposed to be going and doing what we truly love and are meant to be doing, those frustrating and tedious tasks become fewer and far between. Perhaps it’s at those times when we find ourselves feeling tedious and frustrated that some introspection and self analysis may be in order.

  2. George Park says:

    Feel energized by the action – it doesn’t seem like “work”. You’re enjoying the process.

    This really resonates with me at the moment, I am having so much fun doing my “work”

    Love this post of yours Steve.

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