5 Steps to Prosperity and Abundance | # 3: Feeling

 5 Steps to Prosperity and Abundance |
# 3 Change the Way You Feel

In the vortex“Nothing is more important than that I feel good.” Abraham

At first glance, one might think that the quote above leads to selfishness.  But unless we feel good about ourselves, about our life, then we have little or nothing to offer others.

Joseph Campbell put it beautifully when he said, “Follow your bliss.”

Not feeling good — emotionally, physically, spiritually — is a sign that we are not in concert with  who and what we truly are or with our higher power (Source, God, Spirit, Tao, Provider . . . whatever you want to call it); and as long as we are out of touch with that, then we can never achieve what we ultimately desire to achieve.

Face it . . . no matter what it is we envision as “the ideal life”, it’s not the actual physical things that we are ultimately looking for.

It’s the idea that those things, those relationships, those circumstances, will bring us happiness, will make us feel good.  However, isn’t it true that very often that the things, situations, circumstances that bring us the most joy seem to come out of the clear blue?   They have nothing to do with what he had planned, and may actually be exactly the opposite of what we had envisioned.  The reality, though, was that something inside of us, something we were feeling, either consciously or unconsciously, was creating a vibrational match to the circumstances that brought them about.  The key is bringing those feelings to the surface and focusing as consistently as possible on those that best match our true desires.

What emotional word or words describe what’s at the heart of what you truly desire and want out of life?

Let’s consider words such as . .

Feeling good

    • ease
    • security
    • warmth
    • loving
    • comfortable
    • certainty
    • real
    • true
    • honest
    • core
    • confidence
  • at home
    • expansive
    • fun
    • exciting
    • enticing
    • passionate
    • full

    Do any of these words resonate with the vision you’ve created for your life?  When you can bring yourself to feel in yourself that which is at the heart of what you truly want, then you open yourself up to leaving the details — or the “cursed hows” (as I discussed in my previous post) — up to the Universe to fill in.

    If you’re familiar with the work of Abraham-Hicks,
    you’ve very likely seen this video.

    In it, Abraham (speaking through Esther) is describing what it’s like to be in our vortex — that place where we are totally “tapped in, tuned in and turned on” to all that we truly are.   When we are in our vortex, we can’t help but experience pure positive feelings, and those feelings attract positive things and circumstances into our life. This is a bit different from what we often read and hear in personal development articles and videos that talk about actively creating a feeling inside of what it would feel like to find ourselves in the life-style or the life situations we envision for ourselves.  Instead, the idea here is putting oneself into a place of feeling good NOW, and then watching unexpected things appear in our life that naturally move us toward that place of fulfillment and a sense of prosperity and abundance.

    Here’s to living a life of gratitude, vision and living in the vortex!

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