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Steve L. Vernon — Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach

meI believe life is meant to be enjoyed, to be lived with a sense of passion.  That’s why we’re here on Earth.  That’s why we came into this life — to experience life in its fullest, whatever that may mean to you.

It’s been said that there is nothing more important than that you feel good.  Now, that may sound selfish and self-serving, but if we don’t feel good, if we don’t feel good about ourselves, about our life, then we will be hard pressed to be much good to anyone else.  The great teacher Jesus of Nazareth talked about loving our neighbor as we love ourselves — not more than ourselves, or less, but as ourselves.  If we don’t love ourselves, how can we truly love those around us and be of service to them?

Yes, we may find ourselves in situations and circumstances that are, to say the least, less than enjoyable; but there is a difference between our “life situation” and our “life”. As human behavior expert Anthony Robbins, so often says, both in his books and in his many seminars, it’s not the events or circumstances in our life that make a difference, but, rather, the meaning we give those events and circumstances that shape us, that affects our emotional responses, the decisions we make, the actions we take, and therefore our ultimate destiny.

My name is Steve Vernon.  In addition to many other aspects of my life, I am a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach.  If, like so many others, you have absolutely no idea what strategic intervention is, I’ve included a pretty good overview on another page.

My greatest joy in life is doing whatever I can to help others feel better about themselves and working with them to find ways of moving forward from where they are in their current life situation to where they want or need to be.  That is the sole reason I do what I do — in a nutshell . . .

Helping you break through
to the true you!

Now ask yourself . . .

What are you missing?

Is it that feeling of certainty, security, and comfort from knowing you’re in control of your world and your future and that you have everything you need in this moment? That you are safe, secure?  That you have some sense of stability in your life?

Is it the excitement and invigoration that comes from a bit of uncertainty about life, some variety and adventure? Maybe the willingness to take a bit of risk every once in a while and do something outside your normal comfort zone?

Love and connectionIs it the sense of significance?  Of being acknowledged and appreciated at home and at work?  Of being recognized and feeling rewarded for the things you do?

Is it that feeling that you’re connected with and loved by those around you?

GrowthIs it that knowledge that you’re growing as a person — physically, intellectually, professionally, spiritually, or that your contributing to something beyond or bigger than yourself?

These are basic needs that every human being on the planet shares, and if we’re not meeting these needs in some positive way, then we begin to lose our passion.  Passion in our work. Passion in our relationships.  Passion in our day-to-day life.  We begin to slip into unproductive — even negative — activities and/or emotional patterns.

You were born with passion!

Watch a newborn baby or a toddler.  They’re full of passion!  They laugh, they cry, they scream with joy, they explore, they ask questions, they create.

Then life happens.  It happens to all of us.  We get told what we can and cannot do.  We develop certain beliefs about ourselves and the world around us and we begin to you settle for less than we deserve.  Tony Robbins says, “There’s nothing worse than an okay life.”

passionThat passion is still there,
just waiting to explode!

Passion for Life Coaching is about discovering and removing those emotional and mental barriers that are keeping you from experiencing true joy and fulfillment in life and regaining that passion, and it can happen more quickly and easily than you might imagine.  You may just need a little nudge to get you past something that’s blocking you from taking some step you need to make.  It may be more of an ongoing, nagging issue that you constantly deal with.  Even if you think the issue is due to another person or some outside force, your own perspective and how you deal with it can very often change the outcome and even change the other person.

It’s just a matter of having someone who can help you see yourself and your world from a little different angle, then assisting in creating strategies for putting that new perspective to work to create more certainty, more abundance, greater success, more variety, a greater feeling of significance, better relationships, and a more powerful sense of fulfillment in your life.  It’s called strategic intervention.

So . . . where do I come in?

helping handA Strategic Interventionist — or a Strategic Intervention Life Coach — may navigate a variety of scenarios ranging from individual problems to those of the family, the peer group, the organization and the larger social system.  The basic understanding is that individuals, relationships, organizations and communities can be directed toward positive change through the strategic planning of skillful interventions.

Could you use some help in getting over a little bump in the road, overcoming a current challenge, or maybe creating an entirely new vision for your life and setting up specific steps to get there?

lets get startedGET A FREE, NO OBLIGATION

. . . just complete the form below, and I will get in contact with you to set up a time that we can talk.



Here’s to living a life of passion and fulfillment!

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